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Tri - Mountain Retreat | Robert Lipman

Tri-Mountain offers a unique opportunity to explore a life-changing mountain experience in a completely natural environment. We are an out-post facility offering a full service campground nestled on 448 acres among three mountains in Ellijay, GA, close to the foothills of the Appalachian Trail. We have developed over 15 miles of trails, two fish stocked lakes, each equipped with fishing and swimming docks, creeks with multiple waterfalls, and abundant wildlife of all kinds. Conveniently located within a little more than an hour’s drive north of Atlanta.

Our goal is to partner with charitable organizations and individual families to create productive and healthy children today, while building a foundation toward success for tomorrow. Through successful partnerships and collaborations, we encourage our youth to live healthy lifestyles and give back to their community. Research shows that during periods of idleness and boredom, kids are vulnerable to peer pressure, violence and other risky activities. The risks are even higher for children from disadvantaged circumstances. We minimize those risks by engaging young people in activities with positive adult role models and peers, enabling them to learn powerful life skills.

Children afflicted with serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges also have the opportunity to explore a unique total mountain experience. Kids build camaraderie and friendships that will last a lifetime, in addition to support systems that will see them through their hard times back at home which often include hospital visits and ongoing treatments. We embrace individual attention and experience as well as group participation. We also encourage parental input and suggestions, in our goal to fulfill our objective for the best positive experience within the unique capabilities of the child.

Find out more about Tri-Mountain Retreat by visiting their website Here

Want to find out more about Robert Lipman, founder of Tri-Mountain? You can read his Bio below or visit his website by following this link here.

Robert Lipman is a native Atlantan born and raised in Buckhead. He attended Westminster along with his three brothers, Larry, Brad and Bill. He was the undefeated 191 lbs Georgia State Wrestling Champion and was inducted into the Westminster Hall Of Fame for football and wrestling. His father was the late Dr. Bernard Lipman, a well renowned Atlanta cardiologist and his mother is Joy Lipman whose personality and humor still abounds.

Robert Lipman graduated from the University of Virginia where he played college football and was undefeated in the intramural heavyweight boxing and wrestling division for his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. He graduated with academic honors in 1973.

Impulsively and spontaneously prior to going to law school, Robert Lipman decided to become an Atlanta police officer to help restore law and order in his native city. During this "year off" from resuming his career goals, he also got his pilot's license where he still enjoys flying to this day.

Robert attended Mercer Law School where he was invited to join the Mercer Law Review as the Student Writing Editor and graduated near the top of his class. He developed his interest in helping people, disadvantaged and otherwise, during this period which proved to come to fruition in later years.

Robert Lipman became an attorney in 1977 and began his early career working for a large law firm immediately going into trial work. However, after several successful trials and feeling an urge to start developing his own practice in 1980, he started his own general practice gaining more trial experience in multiple areas. Gradually he felt his calling in helping people would be best obtained in representing injured parties as opposed to domestic relations, criminal law, and breach of contract cases that he found far less appealing.

Attorney Robert Lipman's devotion and dedication to his career resulted in his practice growing every year, clearly inheriting his father's work ethic. He is most proud of the fact that during the course of his career he personally represented over 14,000 clients, all of whom were referred by either prior clients or through longstanding relationships with physicians and other lawyers – never feeling the need or desire to advertise. Highlights include multiple high-profile settlements and numerous million-dollar settlement/verdicts where no reasonable offers were made prior to trial. A very special memory includes a personal appearance with his client on Good Morning America being interviewed by Diane Sawyer as the lead story in November 2001. As time went on, the energy and devotion to his practice prevented him from pursuing philanthropic and charitable interests channeled toward three specific priorities:

1) disadvantaged/at-risk/medically challenged kids;

2) financially contributing to the improvement, enhancement, and expansion of animal rescue shelters; and

3) leaving a legacy by spearheading through a close relationship with his Rabbi, the construction of a Synagogue/Jewish Youth Center with the primary goal of attracting young Kennesaw State Jewish students.

Robert Lipman in 2010 began the next chapter in his life when he became the founder and CEO of Tri-Mountain Retreat in Ellijay, GA. The property includes 450 acres of wilderness, three mountains, two fully stocked lakes, over 12 miles of hiking and ATV trails (and still developing more every year), two treehouses, swinging bridges, and a state-of-the-art campground able to accommodate up to 20 campers. Robert has developed partnerships with charitable organizations and state sponsored foster homes throughout Georgia to bring their kids and programs to his retreat, providing all equipment and facilities as requested by the organizations. This former city boy and beach lover has fully transitioned into a mountain man developer totally content with sharing this paradise with kids of all ages.

In 2013, Robert’s visit to an animal kill shelter, where he adopted his dog Charlie, made a lasting impression which literally broke his heart as he witnessed so many dogs with no homes or people to love and care for them. He is in full discussion with Gilmer County to partner with them in either building a new shelter at Tri-Mountain or expanding the existing County shelter to at least double its size. Robert sees a true mutual benefit in the interaction of “underdog” kids and homeless dogs either on his property or at the expanded shelter.

Approximately 8 years ago Robert Lipman was introduced to a young Rabbi who actually had not only a wonderful sense of humor, but also a singular purpose in attracting Kennesaw State students and enriching their lives. He was moved by the fact that his “synagogue” was located at the end of a strip shopping center near the Kennesaw State campus with a very small capacity to accommodate the students/community. As their relationship grew, the Rabbi inspired Robert to rekindle his faith in many different ways that he never thought possible. In return, Robert decided to spearhead a drive to move his Rabbi out of the shopping center and locate property to build a center for worship and gathering for both the students and Kennesaw community. Robert is very grateful to his Rabbi and feels very fortunate to be in a position to reciprocate in assuring the realization of his Rabbi’s dream.



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