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Discover You, Young Women’s Empowerment Journey

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A journey created to support young women as they move into adulthood.  With the companionship of the natural world and one another, we will challenge limiting beliefs and fears, develop skills to live a purposeful life and create an inviting space to explore authentic self-expression and discovery.  Empowered to lead with their unique gifts, these young women can make a difference in our world.

Activities include: Survival skills such as Fire Building, Archery, Shelter building, Edible and Medicinal Plant Identification, Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Adventure Games, Drumming, Singing, Wilderness Crafts. Activites encourage Leadership, Self Confidence and Skill Building.

The Full Camp Form Packet, Covid-19 Plan, and Agreement all must be completed prior to camp. There will be a Covid-19 Pre-Screen on the day of camp as well that will need to be completed.

Cost - $600 Per Camper

Location - Tri-Mountain Retreat | Find Out More

Young Woman's Camp Staff

Susan Miller McGowan, PhD, LMT.jpg

Susan Miller McGowan, Ph.D., LMT 

Susan is the coordinator for Discover You: Young Women's Empowerment Journey.

She serves on the Mountain Wisdom Board as the liaison to the girls' camp and has been volunteering with Mountain Wisdom since 2008.


Susan has a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA.  She worked many years in child and adolescent psych and most enjoyed the time working in the Outdoor Therapeutic Program, a residential treatment center for adolescents in Georgia.  During that time, she witnessed the transformational power of nature in these teen girl's lives.  As a mother of a teen girl (and an aunt to many others), she saw the need to provide a safe place for young girls to connect to nature with the support of adult mentors or wise women.  So, in 2008, she began gathering women and created a camp for the girls.  


The rest of the year, Susan has a private practice where she combines many forms of healing that she has studied from around the world.  She is a mother to an awesome daughter and has a supportive husband.  They share a small farm in West GA where she also facilitates equine therapy sessions for developmentally delayed children.  Her family is active in their local Church as well as a Native American ceremonial group.  Susan brings a wealth of experience from years of research around the world and over 20 years of work as a healer. 

Pascha Solomon.jpg

Pascha Solomon

Pascha Solomon has been with Mountain Wisdom since 2016. Pascha is a multi-generational healer, storyteller and teacher whose practice incorporates intuitive healing with traditional wisdom, nature, story and song.  As a strong member of her community, Pascha creates programs, workshops and activities that seek to strengthen relationships and inspire tolerant, mindful communication.  She has worked as a mentor and educational director in San Francisco, Los Angeles and North Carolina. Her programs inspire social responsibility, self-confidence, spiritual growth, team-building, compassionate communication and creativity for students of all ages.  In addition to her private practice, she is currently the after school Theater Arts Director for Woodson Branch Nature School in Marshall, NC and lives in Hot Springs, NC.

Young Womens Staff


As a Licensed Psychologist, I have heard nothing but positive responses from the young men whom I have referred to the Mountain Wisdom Camps.  The parents report numerous benefits gleaned from their sons participation.  They are more reflective and considerate of others, willing to help around the house, and have a greater sense of direction in life. 


In my private practice, I serve very few young ladies who see themselves as strong independent young women.  The Girls Camp provides a maturational jump where they come away from the experience with a leap in self-confidence and connectedness with others beyond physical appearances and popularity.  They are more centered and calm from having found themselves, as evolving young women. 


The research into nature-based therapy is substantial and uniformly positive, and these programs are inexpensive, time-limited, well-organized, and have an excellent, well-trained, staff.  You will not find a better, more professional and caring camp, with so many benefits offered than the Mountain Wisdom Camps.

—  Dr. David Busch, PhD

Young Women's Camp FAQ's

Who staffs your camp?

Our staff is volunteers who bring passion, gifts, and life experiences.

All staff are CPR/First-aid certified and must have a criminal background check.

All staff participates in our MWI staff mentor training.


What's the ratio of camper to staff?



What is the cost?

6 days, 5 nights $600


Do you have scholarships?

We offer partial scholarships to those who need financial assistance.  Scholarships are awarded through an application process and are based on availability and on the family’s need. We ask for a minimum of $150 per camper.


Can I pay online?

Yes, through our secure Paypal link on our website.


What do they need to bring?

We have a What to bring and not bring list on the website or they can be mailed to you if necessary.


Do they have to bring a tent?

If they have a tent bring it, but it is not necessary.


Do you provide transportation to camp?

Not generally, but we will do our best to help if needed.


Do they have to be experienced in the woods?



Is this a religious camp?

Our camps are not religious, but they are spiritual. We do not promote any specific religious path but embrace teachings from many paths.


What if my child does not want to participate in an activity?

All our activities and participation are by choice, although we do encourage campers to participate so they have the best possible experience.


Can I talk to my child during the week?

There is no communication between parent and camper during the week, except in an emergency.

An emergency phone number is provided for you to call, and a staff member will deliver the message for you.


Does my child need money during the week?

No.  We prefer that they have no money or any valuables.


Can they bring snacks?

No. Snacks in tent area may attract animals. All snacks and food will be provided.


How do you handle medications?

The camp staff holds and dispenses meds. All meds taken by the camper are charted.


How do you handle a medical or weather-related emergency?

Minor medical needs will be handled by our trained camp staff. For serious injuries, we call 911 or take them to the nearest hospital which we will know where it is before each camp.  We keep up with the weather each day using our cell phones and handheld radios. We have an emergency plan we will follow in case of severe weather.


What is the graduation ceremony?

This is an important part of the camper's experience. All family and friends are invited. The young men and women are honored and welcomed back into their family and community as young adults.


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Young Womens Gallery
Young Womens Faq

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Together we will put a sense of purpose, self-worth and respect back into the hearts and minds of our youth.

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