Director’s Message, Spring 2021

We have so much gratitude that the pandemic in Ga. has subsided. Businesses have reopened and people are active enjoying the beautiful Springtime.

Our Mountain Wisdom team is at full throttle, planning, preparing and reaching out into our communities to offer our unique wilderness camp.

The first weekend in May, we had a staff training weekend at Tri-Mountain Retreat. Our incredibly beautiful new site for camp. We are all very excited about what we are creating and the gifts the participants will receive from their camp experience.

Registration online is in full swing. We have several registrations. We have several graduates that are returning and could not be happier to be coming back to reconnect with friends, staff, have fun and to continue their journey into young adulthood. Register you youth now! Who do you know that you want to make sure is at our June camps? Now is the time, this is the place.

Several weeks in April we invited parents and those interested to join us on Zoom, Facebook Live for Q&A and more inf. about our camps. Go to Mountain Wisdom Camps Facebook to watch recordings.

There are many ways to support and be a part of our Mountain Wisdom family. Please contact us to find out more.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Hawkeye Jay

Mountain Wisdom Founder and Camp Director

Mountain Wisdom is committed to fostering healthy teens and families by providing fun filled transformational experiences and challenging outdoor adventures focusing on nature awareness and responsibility

 Find Your Sense Of Purpose

And Have Fun Achieving Your Full Potential 


What We Do

Young people today struggle with feelings of frustration and anxiety as they try to find their place in life.  Our modern culture of technology often disconnects them from the world, resulting in feelings of isolation, lethargy and depression. Unfortunately, more and more teens are turning to drugs and alcohol to relieve these feelings.


Many young people are living lives of complete nature deprivation. We believe that the benefits of connecting to the natural world include stress reduction, a sense of belonging, improved self-confidence and self-discipline, a broader sense of community, and possibly a sense of spirituality - an appreciation for powers larger than oneself. 


We believe that the wilderness is a fun and inspirational classroom. Operating in a setting without electronics enables campers to slow down and develop concentration and focus, bringing them closer in touch with the natural world while having a wonderful time.


Since 2003, we have been privileged to provide teens with a safe and enjoyable experience in an environment where they learn a greater respect for themselves, their peers and the world of nature.  And we have been honored to be part of countless treasured memories.

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To learn more about Mountain Wisdom Camp, listen to the radio interview above.

Become A Man Of Integrity And Honor

Young Men's Ultimate Adventure

Location | Tri-Mountain Retreat | Monday June 14th 10AM - Saturday June 19th | For Ages 12 - 17

Activities: Hiking, creek hikes, drumming, archery cooperative, and competitive games and ropes course. The young men will learn wilderness survival and bushcraft skills such as fire-making, tracking, plant and tree identification, knots and primitive shelter building. Campers will experience team building and leadership training through interactive, cooperative activities and trust development exercises. Environmental conservation and nature awareness are essential and will help young men to connect to themselves and others

Cost - $600 Per Camper

Location - Tri-Mountain Retreat | Find Out More

We offer partial Scholarships for those that qualify.

Discover You, Young Women’s Empowerment Journey

Location | Tri-Mountain Retreat | Monday June 21st 10 am - Saturday June 26th | For Ages 12 - 17

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 3.11.21 PM.png

A journey created to support young women as they move into adulthood.  With the companionship of the natural world and one another, we will challenge limiting beliefs and fears, develop skills to live a purposeful life and create an inviting space to explore authentic self-expression and discovery.  Empowered to lead with their unique gifts, these young women can make a difference in our world.

Activities include: Survival skills such as Fire Building, Archery, Shelter building, Edible and Medicinal Plant Identification, Hiking, Swimming, Boating, Adventure Games, Drumming, Singing, Wilderness Crafts. Activites encourage Leadership, Self Confidence and Skill Building.

Cost - $600 Per Camper

We offer partial Scholarships for those that qualify.

Location - Tri-Mountain Retreat | Find Out More



As a Licensed Psychologist, I have heard nothing but positive responses from the young men whom I have referred to the Mountain Wisdom Camps.  The parents report numerous benefits gleaned from their sons participation.  They are more reflective and considerate of others, willing to help around the house, and have a greater sense of direction in life. 


In my private practice, I serve very few young ladies who see themselves as strong independent young women.  The Girls Camp provides a maturational jump where they come away from the experience with a leap in self-confidence and connectedness with others beyond physical appearances and popularity.  They are more centered and calm from having found themselves, as evolving young women. 


The research into nature-based therapy is substantial and uniformly positive, and these programs are inexpensive, time-limited, well-organized, and have an excellent, well-trained, staff.  You will not find a better, more professional and caring camp, with so many benefits offered than the Mountain Wisdom Camps.

—  Dr. David Busch, PhD


Young Men's Camp Gallery

Young Women's Camp Gallery


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