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What Matters? You Matter.....

We want for you what your parents want for you… to be happy, successful (in whatever way you define it), to be positively connected to your family, peers, your community and most importantly… to yourself.

We want to build with you, a container (symbolically: a treehouse, a fort in the woods, etc.. A safe place to meet with each other. To build strong bonds; Spot-weld moments; long lasting relationships. Possibly for a lifetime.

We at Mountain Wisdom want you to get...down to your bones...without any doubt… that YOU MATTER; YOUR LIFE MATTERS; YOUR VERY EXISTENCE ON THIS PLANET (spinning around the sun, spinning around the universe) MATTERS. And without you ever having to DO ANYTHING...YOU MAKE A your family, your siblings, your friends, strangers, your community and the world at large. Your very presence where you are sitting right now, the energy in your body ripples out continually like a pebble in a still pond…

I BELIEVE you, me, we are “creators’ creating our lives with the feelings, thoughts, ideas and choices we have and put out into the world (like an artist). And we co-create when we come together.

Imagine the week of camp that we put on is like a house with bedroom, bathroom, food, windows and a door. A safe house.

We come into your room to wake you up; feed you physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

We want you to peer out the window imagining the life you have; the life you had and of the life you dream of having.

We want to wake you up to your creative power, innate wisdom and intuition that is always there waiting for you to trust it, use it, harness it and nurture it.

Look, I believe we live in a world of contrast (pain and joy, darkness and light). It is inside of you and all around you. And you ALWAYS have a choice in what you give your attention to. Choose wisely.

At Mountain Wisdom, we want to loosen the soil of your life, add fertilizer, to plant the seeds of self-love, self-compassion and self-trust. You add the water to the soil through your personal sweat and occasionally tears… You have to do the work!

We have in the house a workshop built for you and it is supplied with the tools to create what inspires you, what excites you; makes you laugh and cry… So when you go out into the world you will have built a map, a compass to navigate this world of lives, work and relationships with the self-knowledge, self-trust and humor to last you all of your days.

Written by YMUA Staff | Founder Dan (Rody) Rodenberger



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